Throughout our industry, protecting staff and clients are the top priority, both on and off the site. Training, auditing, prevention and ongoing improvement to current programs help to keep us incident free.

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G & J are committed to accident prevention through its safety programs and procedures, both on and offsite. We are compliant with all relevant standard health and safety provisions as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We are active members of the Alberta WCB Partnership in Injury Reduction Program, and we hold Certificates of Recognition (COR) for this program.

We maintain an exceptional health and safety program that is proactive and that safeguards workers and protects property. The development of this program has been an ongoing process, and it rests at the core of our operations. All worksites have employees who meet or exceed the current training in first aid, risk mitigation and safety. We promote continuous employee input, and we ensure that all channels of communication from executive to management to on-site operations remain open.

At G&J, we will demonstrate our dedication commitment towards environmental responsibility. Employees at all levels are made aware of the potential impacts associated with their activities and will be provided with the necessary training, tools and procedures to alleviate these impacts. In setting our environmental performance standards and goal of zero occurrences, we will strive to achieve the expectations of our communities, costumers, government and the public. We are proud of our goal to be incident free in our operations, and it is through our ongoing participation in safety initiatives and training that we are able to exceed the current standards in our industry.

Alongside our safety programs and certifications, we are members of the following associations:

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For more details about our current safety certificates and safety management programs:

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